Where Are The Men After God's Own Heart?

June 10

"Bow down your ear, O Lord, hear me;
for I am poor and needy."
Psalm 86:1

Poor and needy? This was written by a KING! And God said of King David that he is a man after God's own heart. (Acts 13:22)

The greatness of King David was his utmost humility. How many kings would even think to approach God? Do you know of one? No, the kings of the earth, all the men of name and fame have no interest in God, they're all about themselves, their plans, and their greatness. But King David was not so. This man, called by God as a man after God's own heart was all about his relationship to his Lord. As for himself, David considered himself "poor and needy," hardly the words of a king, but the very words that made him great.

Do you know any kings or heads of state who consider themselves servants? Yet for David, it was all about God's will in his life, seeking how he could serve the Lord. It was to the Lord God that David bowed himself and surrendered his soul.

vs 4:
"Rejoice the soul of your servant,
for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul."

While most men of name and fame hardly give God a thought, David prayed and sought to know the ways of God, the will of God, to know how God would have him walk. His highest goal was to "unite my heart to fear your name." Is it any wonder that God called David, "a man after my own heart?"

vs 11:
"Teach me your way, O Lord, I will walk in your truth;
unite my heart to fear your name."

But hell resists him ferociously.

vs 14:
"O God, the proud have risen against me,
and a mob of violent men have sought my life,
and have not set you before them."

And this will always be the case - wherever there is a man wholly surrendered to the Lord, there will be opposition from evil men who have only contempt for God. They have not set God before them, they have no interest in God nor in anyone or anything God loves. As Cain killed Abel, so it will always be that the wicked will oppose those who belong to God. They will mock God's people and set traps to ensnare them to make them look bad.

If any man or woman who seeks after God tries to run for office, the vitriol of hell will be hurled against him/her. In this rebellious and degenerate generation, God help any believer who wades into the cesspool of politics, trying to bring things back to the will of God, for the powers of hell and hell's servants will do all they can to put him down.

vs 17:
"Show me a sign for good,
that those who hate me may see it and be ashamed,
because you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me."

Let us pray for the leaders of our land, that the righteous may gain a voice for the sake of God, and that the protection of the Lord surround them. They will surely need our prayers, for the hatred and maliciousness of hell will do all it can to destroy their name and make them look foolish. Observe and see if this isn't true. Satan is exposed by his very predictability.