. Are You Broken?
. A Changed Heart - It's The Only Way
. A Complaining Spirit Is A Stench In God's Nostrils
. A Deep And Awesome Prayer
. A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath
. All That Glitters Is Not Gold
. All That Is Done In Pride Is Lost
. Always Be Aware Of Whom You Represent
. Are Pre-Trib Rapture Believers Escapists?
. Are You A Bruised Reed?
. Are You Being 'Pruned'?
. Are You Broke? Living From Check To Check?
. Are You Broken?
. Are You Hated Without A Cause?
. Are You Investing For Retirement?
. Are You Trusting In "Science Falsely So Called"?
. Are You Under The Judgment Of 'Delusion'?
. As He Arose So Will We -But Not All
. As We Watch For His Glorious Appearing
. Assurance Of God's Guidance
. At The Throne Of Grace
. Be Broken -Not Ground To Powder
. Be Merciful To Me O God
. Be Not Silent
. Be Wise In How You Handle The Word Of Truth
. Because Of My Enemies
. Being Born In A Barn Does Not Make You A Cow
. Believers Vs Unbelievers Polarized On The Subject Of Israel
. Blessed Are Those Who Keep My Ways
. Call Upon The One Who Is In Control Over All
. Choose Your Weapons Wisely
. Christ Is Our Passover
. Come Out Of Her My People
. Come OUT Of Her My People!
. Confession Sets You Free
. Darkness Must Surrender To Light
. Define Wickedness -It's Not What You Think
. Did Mary Remain A Virgin After Jesus's Birth?
. Discipline Is Love
. Do All Religions Lead To Heaven?
. Do Not Become Sluggish As You Wait
. Do Not Despise The Process
. Do Not Fear Evil Tidings
. Do Not Fear The Plots Of Man
. Do Not Rejoice When Your Enemy Falls
. Do Not Toy With The Living God
. Do You Believe This?
. Do You Have A Promise From God -And The Opposite Happens Instead?
. Do You Know Him? Or Do You Just Know ABOUT Him?
. Do You Know His Voice?
. Do You Major On The Minors?
. Do You Trust In The Integrity Of God?
. Does Pride Have Control Over You?
. Don't Begrudge His Prosperity
. Don't Waste Your Life
. Don’t Put It Off -Choose Now While The Door Is Still Open
. EARLY Will I Seek You
. Eat Drink And Be Merry
. Even If Your Fire Is Almost Out -COME!
. Even The Heathen Love Those Who Love Them
. Exchange The Human For The Supernatural
. Faith Rejoices In All Circumstances
. Faithfulness While Unjustly Mistreated
. Falling Short Of Love
. False Humility
. First, Bring Thanksgiving
. For Guaranteed Success In Life -Follow The Cloud
. For The Sake Of The Few
. For The Sake Of Those Who Will Receive It
. Forgiveness vs Consequence
. Four Hundred To One – Pretty Good Odds
. Glorify God In All He Has Done For You
. God Himself Obtains The Victory For Us In Our Battles
. God Invests In You
. God Only Provided One Way Of Salvation
. God's Intent For You
. God’s Word Does Not Change With The Culture
. Good Is Now Evil And Evil Is Now Good
. Happiness Is Not Pleasure And Pleasure Is Not Happiness
. Have I Crossed Over That Line Where There Is No More Mercy?
. Have The Same Attitude Whether Pleasant Or Unpleasant
. Have Your Plans Been Changed On You?
. He Cares For The Lonely And Fearful
. He Comes Beside Us And Comforts Us
. He Has Put Eternity In Their Hearts
. He Hides The Price Tag
. He Holds The Brokenhearted Close
. He Is Lord -Give Him Pre-eminence In Your Life
. He Is The God Who Multiplies
. He Is Your Creator
. He Looks On Him And Pardons Me
. He Loves Us Too Much To Leave Us As We Are
. He Upholds All Things – LITERALLY
. He Walks With Each One Personally
. He Wants To Spend Time With You
. He'll Hang On The Gallows He Erected For You
. Hear O My People
. His Judgments Are Always Right
. His Rebukes Are From A Heart Of Love
. His Ways Are Purposeful
. How Could One So Great Care About Little You?
. How Did David Know?
. How Has He Orchestrated It All!
. How Not To Live In Fear
. How Satan Achieves His Goals In Your Life
. How To Know The True Ministers Of God
. How To Move The Heart Of God
. How To Not Be Fearful As Darkness Looms
. How To Protect Yourself From Deception
. How To Receive What You Lack
. I Shall Yet Praise Him
. I'd Rather Have Jesus Than Anything The World Can Give
. If He Comes In The Darkness Will You Have Enough Light?
. If Wisdom Isolates You Are You Willing To Walk Alone?
. If You Are His You Are Not Your Own
. If You Can't Get Past The First Step You'll Be Stuck There
. Is This 'The Year Of My Redeemed?'
. Is Your Idea Of God Too Small?
. It Takes A Lot Of Courage To Follow Jesus Christ
. It Takes Pain To Humble A Successful Person
. It's All About Revelation
. It's All Going To Change
. It's So Hard To Wait
. Jesus Christ -The Wisdom And The Power Of God
. Joy Comes In The Morning
. Know The Signal
. Knowing God In The Valleys
. Knowing The Terror Of The Lord
. Lean Not To Your Own Understanding
. Lest Leanness Be Sent Into Your Soul
. Let Them Alone
. Life As Usual – Then Suddenly…
. Look At The Cross And Ask 'Why?"
. Love All The More
. Missing Ministries
. Multitudes, Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision
. Murky Waters
. On Judging
. Our Blessed Hope
. Our Talents And Abilities
. Patiently He Waits
. Please – Be Reconciled To Him
. Pray And Do Not Lose Heart
. Pride Is The Strongest Weakness In Mankind
. Priorities
. Pull Them Out Of The Fire
. Religious Rituals Are A Stench In God's Nostrils
. Reveal To Me My Secret Sins
. Run, Run, Run, But Getting Nowhere
. RUN!
. Satan Has Every Advantage -For A Purpose
. Satan Is Exposed By His Very Predictability
. Satan's Efforts Against You Will Backfire On His Own Head
. Seizures Don't Speak, Do They?
. Sent Into A Hostile World
. Singing Hymns Through Tears
. So Gradual That They Are Desensitized
. So Shall I Be Saved From My Enemies
. Sojourners In A Hostile Land
. Something Easily Missed In A Quick Reading Of Scripture
. Sounds So Good -But It's Foolishness
. Sowing And Reaping Sowing And Reaping
. Speak To Yourself!
. Speak, Lord, Through Your Word
. Spiritual Adultery
. Straining At A Gnat And Swallowing A Camel
. Teach Me How To Successfully Finish Boot Camp
. Tested Faith Is More Precious Than Gold
. That Wonderful Time To Come
. The 'New Age' Movement Is Deadly
. The Angel of Light
. The Coming 'Strong Delusion'
. The Cross Is An Offense
. The Days Just Ahead
. The Difference Between 'You' and 'They'
. The Earth Will Be Dissolved
. The Ease Of The Wicked Was A Stumbling Block For Me
. The Emperors Have No Clothes
. The Experience You Must Have To Be Saved
. The Fatal Danger In Pride
. The Goodness And The Severity Of God
. The Great Physician Came For The Brokenhearted
. The Great Shepherd
. The Greatest Of All Sins
. The Harder Road
. The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
. The Heartache Of Betrayal
. The Humility Of Love
. The Importance Of Being In The Right Place At The Right Time
. The Impossible Story Of The Jews
. The Itching Ears Gospel Is The Broad Way To Hell
. The Lord Shall Enlighten My Darkness
. The Many Lost -The Few Saved
. The Offense Of The Gospel
. The Outcome Depends On This Sole Choice
. The Peace Of Jerusalem Is…
. The Philosophies Of The World Are Deceptive
. The Pillar of Fire And The Cloud Will Again Be Over The Temple Mount
. The Plot Against You And The Progression Of Sin
. The Rapture
. The Rapture In Both The Old Testament And The New
. The Reverence Due His Majesty
. The Same God Of The Past Is God Of The Present
. The Satisfaction Of Walking In Your Unique Calling
. The Secret Of Success
. The Secret Place
. The Secret To Happiness
. The Secrets Of The Lord Are Not For Everyone
. The Shock And Awe Of The Resurrection
. The Spirit Of Prophecy
. The Truth Shall Set You Free
. The Two Observable Kingdoms Here And Now
. The Veil Has Been Torn In Two -So That We Might Enter
. The Veil Has Been Torn In Two -That We Might Enter
. The Walk Of Faith
. The Way Up Is Down
. The Wicked Walk In Their Own Strength -The Wise Walk With God
. The Wisdom Of The Simple -The Downfall Of The Great
. The Word Is Alive
. There Is A Glorious Purpose For It All
. There Is A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
. There Is No Joy Like The Joy Of A Surrendered Heart
. There Is No Other Foundation
. There Is Only One God
. There's No Retirement In Our Walk With The Lord
. They Asked Him To Leave!!!
. They Can't And You Can't
. They Can't Say They Weren't Informed
. They Form A Confederacy Against You
. They'll Fall For Anything
. This Was No Monotone Story
. Though You May Not See Him In Your Darkness -He IS There
. Throw Your Net On The Other Side
. Too Religious To Surrender Pride
. Truly It Is Marvelous In Our Eyes
. Turn Your Judgments Into Blessings
. Two Hearts -Two Destinies
. Under His Wings Will I Trust
. Understand What 'Cannot' Means
. Vindicate Me O God Against The Ungodly Nations
. Voice Choice
. Waiting Is The Hardest Element In Our Walk With The Lord
. Was It Worth It?
. What Are Your Personal, Unique, Individual Gifts?
. What Does It Mean To Be Holy?
. What Does Narrow Mean?
. What God Says About The Future Of Israel
. What IS "The Gospel?"
. What Is The Focus Of Your Heart?
. What Is The Uppermost Trait In Your Nature?
. What Is The Yearning Of Your Heart?
. What Is Your Highest Priority In Life? What Do You Treasure?
. What It's All About
. What NOT To Do Toward An Unbeliever
. What Should Have Been -What Would Have Been
. What To Do In The Worst Of Circumstances
. What Would Jesus Do?
. What You're Striving For Will Not Satisfy You
. What’s Your Reason For Going To Church?
. When God Shows You Your Sin It’s Meant To Heal You
. When Life Sends You Reeling
. When No Atonement Can Be Made For The Land
. When The Trouble Seems Insurmountable
. Where Are The Men After God's Own Heart?
. Where Does The Word 'Easter' Come From?
. Where Has The Reverence Gone?
. Which Are You?
. Which One Of Us Can Do This?
. Who Are The False Prophets Of Our Day? You'll Be Surprised!
. Who Can Bear A Broken Spirit?
. Who do men say that I am?
. Whom Can You Trust When You're Troubled?
. Whom Do You Turn To?
. Why Are You Reluctant To Share About Christ?
. Why Did The Religious Leaders Reject Jesus Christ?
. Why Do People Gossip?
. Why Do The Wicked And The Wealthy Renounce God?
. Why Would God Harden A Person's Heart? Isn't That Unfair?
. Without His Blood There Is No Forgiveness
. Would You Sell All To Buy This Field?
. Would You Want To Know The Truth If...?
. You Are Numbered In Your Call
. You Can't Tell Where The Wind Comes From Or Where It Is Going
. You Have No Idea How Important Your Prayers Are
. You Must Get His Strategy
. You Must Know The Truth -AND You Must Know The Lies
. You Started Well – Who Has Bewitched You?
. Your Attitude On Your Job
. Your Father Delights In You
. Your Treasure Here Will Determine Your Future There