. "And Now Is"
. 12 Characteristics Of False Ministers
. A New Operating System Needed
. A Very Costly Decision
. A Visual Has More Impact Than A Description
. All Depends On Your Focus
. An Indescribable Peace Unlike Any Other
. Ancient Versus Modern Cures
. Are Believers Hypocrites When They Quote The Word Of God To Sinners?
. Are The Jews Christ-Killers?
. Are We All Children Of God?
. Are We To Submit To An Evil Government?
. Are You A Slave?
. Are You A Wild Horse?
. Are YOU An Abomination To The Lord?
. Are You Hungry?
. Are You Investing For Retirement?
. Are You Lost And Overwhelmed?
. Are You Too Accomplished For God To Use?
. Are You Walking In Darkness -Or Are You Walking In Light?
. Are You Willing To Pay The Cost? Think Hard Before You Answer
. Attacks Against The Word Of God Are Attacks Against Jesus Christ
. Be Careful How You Pray
. Be Still And Know That He Is God
. Be Ye Separate!
. Because You Have Kept The Word Of My Patience
. Behold The Lamb -Passover
. Beware The Deception Of The Experts
. Bitter Words Can Hurt For A Lifetime
. Can A Liberal 'Believer' Be Born Again?
. Can I Trust God To Work It Out For The Good?
. Can Ministry Be A Work Of The Flesh?
. Can You Save Your Loved Ones?
. Cause Me To Know The Way In Which I Should Walk
. Choose Him Or Get The 'Other'
. Come Out Of Her My People
. Come Out Of Her My People
. Count The Cost
. Create In Me A Clean Heart O God
. Darkness Must Come Before The Dawn
. Death Is The Great Equalizer
. Define Wickedness -It's Not What You Think
. Delivered From The Power Of Darkness
. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
. Did Mary Remain A Virgin?
. Discipline Is Love
. Do Not Rejoice When Your Enemy Suffers
. Do You Ever 'Counsel' God?
. Do You Know Who You Are?
. Do You Think God Is Unjust?
. Does God Arbitrarily Blind Eyes And Hearts?
. Doing It God's Way
. Doing Things God's Way Brings Tremendous Victory
. Don't Resist Childlike Faith -He's Worthy Of Your Trust
. Every Promise Includes A Waiting Period
. Evil Will Go As Far As It's ALLOWED To
. Faith Must Not Rest In Fantasy
. Fame Lasts Only An Hour -Then What?
. Father!
. For Everything There Is A Time
. For The Joy That Is Set Before Us
. Getting Right Counsel
. Giving To Gain
. Glorify Him -Praise Him -Make His Faithfulness Known
. Glorify Him -Praise Him -Make His Faithfulness Known
. Glorify Him In All He Has Done For You
. God 's Testimony In Jacob - To Signal Us Today
. God Does Not Want Automatons
. God's Special Treasure
. God's Word Does Not Change With The Culture
. Have I Crossed Over That Line Where There Is No More Mercy?
. Have Mercy On Me For I Am Weak
. Have You Been Baptized?
. He Cares Deeply About Our Suffering
. He Cares Far More Than You Think
. He Chastens Every Son And Daughter For Their Good
. He Drives Diviners Mad
. He Is There And He Is Not Silent
. He Lives To Make Intercession For Us
. He Wants The Heart
. He Wants To Buy The Shack
. He Will Come Only For His Own
. He Will Multiply What Little You Have
. He’ll Fall On The Gallows He Erected For You
. Hear O My People
. Horoscopes And Other Occult Practices
. How Can God So Desire Our Love?
. How Can I Know If I've Been Deceived
. How Can You Help But Rejoice?
. How Children Learn Insolence
. How Divisions Start
. How Do You Define "Good?"
. How Do You Handle The Word Of God?
. How Does One Acquire Faith?
. How Does One Get The Right To Become A Child Of God?
. How Does One Get To Heaven?
. How Does One Overcome His Carnal Habits?
. How Does One Utter Error Against The Lord?
. How Much Do You Trust The Integrity Of God?
. How Not To Lose The Battle
. How Our Opinions Are Shaped
. How To Be Shocked Into Salvation
. How To Be Successful In Ministry
. How To Experience 'Exceedingly Abundantly Above'
. How To Identify 'The Last Days'
. How To Know The Bible Is Truly The Word Of God
. How To Pray
. How To Pray
. I Cried Out To My God And He Heard My Voice
. I Say To All "Watch!"
. I Shall Yet Praise Him
. I Shall Yet Praise Him!
. I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You
. I’m Glad I Didn’t Know
. Identify The Source Correctly
. If -If Not
. If God Is Good Then Why Does He Allow Suffering?
. If I Don't Get In The Way
. If Only…
. If You Do Not Lose Heart
. If You Don't Know Your Enemy How Can You Win?
. Impacting Eternity From Time
. In Him All Things Consist
. In The Darkness He Is There
. In Times When There Appears To Be No Solution
. Intercessory Prayer Is Not To Be Taken Lightly
. Is He A Forethought Or An Afterthought?
. Is The Bible Boring To You?
. Is The Old Testament Relevant For Us Today?
. Is There Life After Death?
. Is There More Than One Kind Of Death?
. Is Your Sin Too Great To Be Forgiven?
. Is Your Spirit Atrophied?
. It All Depends On Whom You're Trying To Please
. It Can Only Come By Revelation
. It Depends Upon On Whom You Are Focusing
. It Is Vitally Important To Let God Lead When He Opens A Door To Speak
. It Must Be His Strategy, Not Yours
. It Only Hurts For A Minute
. It Will All Be Worth It
. It's All Going To Change
. It's All In The Focus
. It's All In The Timing
. It's Late
. It's Not In Religion -It's In Hearing God's Voice
. It's Not That They Won't - They Can't
. It’s All From Him And So It MUST Be
. It’s Not Enough To Say That Jesus Is Lord -The Demons Believe That And Tremble
. Jesus The Great Prophet?
. Joy Comes In The Morning
. Jump For Joy
. Just Who IS This Child?
. Let Forgiveness Slay Your Bitterness
. Let This Mind Be In You
. Let This Mind Be In You
. Let Us Break Their Bond In Pieces
. Listen
. Loose Him And Let Him Go
. Lord To Whom Shall We Go?
. Lord, What About Him?
. Many Miss It
. Mary
. Medals And Good Luck Charms
. Medical Names Don’t Speak
. Night Is Approaching When No One Can Work
. Noah Is Pleading
. Nothing Can Stop The Purpose Of God For Israel
. O Come Let Us Adore Him
. Of Pagan Kings And Uncouth Presidential Candidates
. Of Pain And Suffering And Joy
. Of Shame And Shyness
. Of War And Peace
. Once A Glass Is Broken, It's Broken
. Once It's Broken It's Broken Forever
. One Of The Most Powerful Tools For Pulling Down Strongholds
. One Short Word With Tremendous Meaning
. Only You Can Fulfill Your Calling
. Our Fathers Have Inherited Lies
. Our Responsibility To Our Pastors
. Peace Is A Choice
. Peddlers Of Another Gospel Are Under A Curse
. Perilous Times
. Post-Modern Apostasy In The New Age
. Pride And False Humility
. Pride Goes Before Destruction
. Put An End To Your Confusion
. Question Your Traditions
. Rejected By Family?
. Rejoicing In The Valley Of Blessing
. Religious Practices
. Remember -It's All Relative
. Resurrection Changes Everything
. Sardis -How Far The Church Has Fallen!
. Satan's Finest Hour
. Seeking Whom He MAY Devour
. Set Apart To Truth
. Show Me The Way You've Chosen For Me
. Sifted As Wheat
. So Is Everyone Who Is Born Of The Spirit Of God
. Sojourners In A Hostile Land
. Sometimes It Can Only Be Achieved Through Fasting
. Speculation Is Not Fact
. Suffering Brings Up The Dross
. Supernatural Signs Are Not Sufficient
. Sweet Hour Of Prayer
. Take Heed What You Hear
. Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses As You Watch The Israel Story
. Test Yourself
. That He Might Be Lord!
. The Absolute Sovereignty Of God
. The Answers To Your Questions Are Here
. The Beginning Was --- A Word
. The Books Of Satan
. The Bread Of Adversity And Waters Of Affliction
. The Burden Of Guilt Lifted
. The Christian Response To Halloween
. The Conflict With Truth
. The Cost Of Preaching The Cross Of Jesus Christ
. The Crown’s On The Wrong Head
. The Door Opens For A Moment Then Shuts
. The Ecumenical Movement
. The Emergent Teachings Of Compromise
. The End Of Defiance
. The End Of The Great Men Of The Earth
. The Experience You MUST Have To Be Saved
. The Focus On The Middle East And What That Means For YOU
. The Folly Of Common Sense
. The Form Without The Power
. The Four Hearts
. The Great Restoration -For The Second Time
. The Great Tribulation Is Imminent -How To Escape It
. The Greatest Insult One Can Give To God
. The Heartache Of Betrayal
. The Inhabitants Of The World Will Learn Righteousness
. The Joy Of Repentance
. The Kingdom Of Darkness Versus The Kingdom Of Light
. The Law Is Honorable
. The Law Versus The Walk Of Faith
. The Law Versus The Walk Of Faith
. The Lie We Tell Ourselves And The Truth That Resolves It
. The Light That Will Never Go Out
. The Love Of God
. The Most Important One Sixteenth Of An Inch
. The Most Important Thing You Will Do In Life
. The Old Testament Testifies Of Jesus Christ
. The Only Death A Believer In Christ Will Ever Know
. The Outrage Of The Faithful When He Is Overrun By Satan
. The Path That Will Satisfy
. The Paths Of The Destroyer
. The Proper Way To Approach God
. The Purchased Possession
. The Rapture Revealed In The Old Testament
. The Remedy For Confusion
. The Serpent On A Pole
. The Sting Of Humiliation
. The Struggle Between The Spirit And The Flesh
. The Theory Versus The Fact
. The Valley Of Decision
. The Way Up Is Down
. The Way Up Is Down
. There Can Be No Preconditions
. There Is A Great Reward For Patient Endurance
. There's A Great Change Coming!
. There's No Mercy In Karma, But There Is In Christ
. They Can't All Be True
. They Know Only HIS Voice
. They Miss The Elephant In The Room
. They Smile A Lot
. They're Coming Home In Unbelief. WHY?
. Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy
. To Give You A Future And A Hope
. To See And To Hear Even Now
. To See And To Hear Even Now
. To Those Whose Heart Is Loyal To Him
. To Whom Shall I Turn?
. Trampling Out The Vintage Where The Grapes Of Wrath Are Stored
. Truly It Is Marvelous In Our Eyes
. Truth Or Opinion -Your Choice
. Two Factors Preventing Some From Coming To The Lord
. Understand The Conflict
. Waiting Till You’re Clean Will Keep You Away Forever
. Was It Worth It?
. Was Pontius Pilate Saved?
. We Are Sent
. We Have To Do It HIS Way
. We Must Not Be Moved By Rejection From Loved Ones
. We Walk With Light Through The Darkness
. What Are The Final Words Of Jesus Christ To The Church?
. What Could Be Worse Than An Eternity Of Regret?
. What Could Be Worse?
. What Could Have Been
. What Delights God?
. What God Has Prepared Beforehand
. What If The Formula Doesn't Work?
. What Is Baptism All About?
. What Is Idolatry?
. What Is Repentance? It's Not What You Think
. What Is The Blessing Of Maturity?
. What Is Wisdom? Where Can It Be Found?
. What Makes God Sick To His Stomach?
. What Makes The Bible Different From All Other 'Holy' Books?
. What Makes The Bible Different From All Other 'Holy' Books?
. What Should Have Been -What Could Have Been
. What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Look Like?
. What's Really Important
. When God Gives A Nation Over To A Perverse Spirit
. When God Wants To Judge A Nation He Gives Them Wicked Rulers
. When He Asks The Impossible
. When It's Too Late
. When It's You Against God
. When Judgment Comes
. When Satan Lies To You -And He Will!
. When Suffering Comes Out Of The Blue
. When Tempted To Contend With God
. When The Foundations Are Destroyed
. When The Lord Enters His Temple
. When The Lord Says No
. When Your Back Is Against A Wall
. Where Miracles Happen
. Which Law Are You Under?
. Who Can Tell Me What To Do?
. Who Do You Say That I Am?
. Who Is The Modern-Day Jezebel?
. Who Is Your Father?
. Who Or What Is God To You?
. Whose Approval Matters?
. Why Do I Suffer While The Evil Man Doesn't?
. Why Do Men Deny The Creator?
. Why Do People Love Gossip?
. Why Does God Allow Suffering?
. Why Involvement In The Occult Is Spiritual Adultery
. Why The Lord Waits During Your Affliction
. Why Were The Greatest Religious Leaders Rejected By Jesus?
. Will It Be His Way Or My Way?
. Would You Have Been Able To Believe This?
. Would You Recognize An Impostor?
. Wrong Expectations
. You Can't Walk With Satan And Think You'll Go With Jesus When You Die
. You Can’t Train The Flesh
. You Must Start With The Truth
. Your Enemy's Plans Will Turn Against Himself
. Your Heart Is The Target